Meeting Room Use

Rossford Public Library Meeting Room Use Policy

The Rossford Public Library maintains a meeting room facility of which the primary purpose is the promotion of library services through programs, meetings and other library activities presented by library staff, the Friends of the Library, or other organizations affiliated with the library.  When the meeting room is not being used for a library activity, the space will be available to the public for educational, instructional or informational programs or meetings on a first come, first served basis.  Access will be provided on equal terms, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting use.  The library does not advocate or endorse the viewpoints of any group or individual.

Terms for public use of meeting rooms are as follows:

  • All meetings will be free of charge and be open to the public.  The request for donations and fundraising activities are prohibited. No products or services may be advertised, solicited or sold in the library meeting room, or on library property.  No collections may be taken.
  • The library will approve and schedule only those meetings that will not disturb other library activities.  The library reserves the right to withdraw permission for meeting room use when conditions warrant such actions.
  • Smoking, alcoholic beverages and illegal substances are prohibited.
  • The library, its board and staff assume no liability for theft or damage to property brought onto library property or for injuries which occur as a result of actions of sponsors or participants in activities in the meeting room.
  • Meeting room space is intended for specific events rather than regularly scheduled on-going meetings.  To assure that the meeting room is available for use by as many groups as possible, the meeting room may only be reserved for 2 meetings a month and only 3 months in advance.
  • To reserve the meeting room, the responsible party must be 18 years old, have a Woodlink library card in good standing, and must complete a meeting room request form on or before the date the meeting room is requested.
  • The library will make every attempt to assign another room or reschedule a meeting if the room becomes unavailable for just cause.
  • Permission to use the room includes ordinary use of furniture and fixtures.  Library audiovisual equipment is available upon prior reservation and to groups that have an experienced operator of such equipment.  Arrangements may be made in advance for training if the library staff is able to accommodate such instruction.
  • The person reserving the room will be held personally responsible for any damages caused to library property or equipment.
  • Fire Code laws specify that the maximum occupancy for the Rossford library’s meeting room is 50 persons.  The party responsible for the room must see that this number is not exceeded.
  • Young children accompanying adult users of the meeting room shall not be left unattended in the library.  Minors are not permitted to use the meeting room without adult supervision.
  • Publicity for events held in the meeting room is the responsibility of the group using the facility.  Publicity should indicate that the program is not sponsored by The Rossford Public Library.
  • Groups wishing to serve light refreshments may do so.  Serving utensils are the responsibility of the group and kitchen facilities are not available.  Groups using the meeting room are responsible for its clean up.  The room should be left in the same condition as it was found.
  • All lights must be turned off at the conclusion of an event or meeting.  Please make sure that dimmer lights are clicked all the way down in the “off” position.
  • After library hours, you will leave through the rear parking lot exit.  Both doors will be locked from the outside and you will not be able to reenter.  The library security alarm will automatically engage.  The library asks that all meetings conclude prior to

   10:30 p.m. The person in charge should be the last one to leave the library.  This person should verify that both doors have securely locked behind them.

  • If a group reserving the room finds the need to cancel, please show consideration by informing the library as soon as possible so the room may be opened to another group.
  • When a determination regarding the use of the meeting room is to be made, the Library Director will make the final decision.
  • The applicant agrees to protect, defend, indemnify and hold the library, its officers, employees and agents, free and harmless from and against any and all losses, penalties, damages, settlements, costs or liabilities of every kind and character arising out of or in connection with any acts or omissions of the applicant, negligent or otherwise and its employees, officers, agents, guests or independent contractors.  The applicant agrees to pay all damages, costs and expenses of the library in defending any action arising out of the aforementioned acts or omissions.
  • Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in the loss of future meeting room use.  Concerns or questions about these guidelines should be referred to the Director.
  • In case of an emergency please contact:  Cindi Hollie-Selz @ 419-873-8388 or Jeannine Wilbarger @ 419-836-7855


Adopted by the Board of Trustees 11/08  (Revised 5/17)