Confidentiality of Patron Records

Confidentiality of Patron Records

It is the policy of the Rossford Public Library to protect the privacy of its patrons and to keep confidential library records that contain identifying information or other confidential information concerning its patrons.  In compliance with Ohio Revised Code Section 149.432, the library shall not release any library records that identify any individual patron or disclose any patron information except in situations specified in that statute.

The library will not distribute or disclose identifying or patron records to outside parties unless required to do so by State or Federal laws or pursuant to a patron’s consent as outlined below:

Library records and patron information shall be released in the following instances:

  • The parent, guardian or custodian of a minor under age 18 requests the information;
  • In accordance with a subpoena, search warrant, or other court order;
  • To a law enforcement officer acting within the scope of the officer’s law enforcement duties and who is investigating a matter involving public safety in exigent circumstances;
  • The patron requests or consents to the release of his/her information;
  • The use is for various administrative library purposes, including but not limited to the following:
    • The establishment and maintenance of a system to manage library records;
    • The transfer of library records from one records management system to another;
    • The information documents improper use of the internet at the library;
    • The collection of fines, fees, penalties, and non-returned library materials.

All requests for patron information, except in the case of a parent, guardian or custodian of a minor child, shall be referred to the Library Director for authorization.

The Board of Trustees of the Rossford Public Library reserves the right to revise this policy as deemed appropriate without prior notice.

Adopted by Board of Trustees 11/23/09